“Our Children Need EDUCATION”


Without education, children in Malawi grow up without hope of escaping a life of extreme, perpetual poverty. With education anything is possible.

Children in Malawi have five years of free primary schooling but after that they must pay. But very few families in rural Malawi can afford to send their children to secondary school. Of every 100 children in rural villages, only 10 will be educated beyond primary school and of these only one is likely to finish secondary education because of the cost. Only one child in 2,500 goes to university. Lack of money more than anything else holds children back from education and girls are much less likely than boys to be educated at secondary level. The Gumbi fund offers full secondary education to 120 children a year. So far, five children have gone on to become teachers and one boy is at university. Many others can now speak English, read, write, count and get jobs.