"More and more we realise that our children need education" - Gumbi mother
“These bulbs will change lives. Our days will be longer and nights shorter. We will be like others - Gumbi
"Our family was absolutely poor. No-one had anything. I am a different person now” - Gumbi teacher
"We need education. Without it we have no hope at all. We have nothing.” - Gumbi mother
solar-power light
Solar-power lights provided by a Guardian-reader supported fund are brightening prospects for teachers as well as pupils in a country
Guardian's support for Malawian village
Fresh funding is essential if the village of Gumbi is to continue to pull itself out of poverty. A charitable
Your help is a gift from God
Last year, the Guardian launched an appeal to help educate Malawi's poorest children. Jo Confino reports on its progress.
there is hope
Concern had just completed a huge three-day government food distribution to 5,000 people from the 67 surrounding villages. Tonnes of
Four times in the space of a year, John Vidal visited Gumbi, perhaps the poorest village in one of the